UP NEXT JUNE 27-29 - Three Artists: Many Arts - Taz Bramlette, Ida Random & PJ Rogers

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Each of these artists puts on a commanding solo show. The three of them together is an event not to be missed. Two wood turners and one painter. All three in various acts of their lives. The talented lucky ones who excel in so many ways and are celebrated; then just glide into the next phase.

Thursday, June 27, 5pm - 7pm
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
10am - 6pm


TAZ BRAMLETTE - Wood Turner - Exploring Inner Beauty
I prefer to find the natural beauty in a piece of wood rather than embellishing it…I predominantly work with green woods, in particular burls, crotches, roots, and stumps. I’ve observed that in general the uglier a piece of wood is on the outside the more spectacular it will be on the inside.
Taz earned a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and worked in that field for many years. Upon retiring, Taz took up wood turning and then designed his own wood turning system.


IDA RANDOM - Painter - Offerings & Deities
What do you paint for today when you are inspired by Redon, Vermeer, Franz Kline?
Random,  a painter and Academy Award nominee, was born in Scotland and traveled the world with her family, ending up in Vancouver at art school, then married and moved to Los Angeles. In Santa Fe, Ida’s drive to paint is a continuation of her movie production work. When designing a film she says, “we are making a painting."
Her film credits include The Big Chill, Rain Man, Wyatt Earp, Fast & Furious, Chasing Mavericks, and the remake of the miniseries Roots.


PJ ROGERS - Wood Turner - Artful
Irrepressible PJ discovered art at an early age and returned to it over and over through the years, while drafting at a mechanical engineering firm and then starting a business showing horses in Houston. When she moved to Santa Fe in the 80s, PJ started creating in earnest; first working in stone and ceramics, sculpting, designing and fabricating furniture and jewelry, and then landing on wood turning. This show features PJ’s wood turning. Later this summer, she’ll return to Shelby House with her jewelry.


All photos on this page courtesy of the artists.

Liz Rees